POER® | 珀尔电动船用推进器

- 2016-09-07-

POER® | 珀尔电动船用推进器

凭着宁波东海塑料有限公司(始于1958年)多年的生产经验,我们从2006年起开始研发POER® |珀尔电动船用推进器POER® |珀尔是塑料产品之外的电机品牌。我们的第一台推进器设计简洁甚至不够完善,但技术人员相信一台优秀的珀尔电动船用推进器在面向消费者前,应经过无数次的改进或再设计,直到消费者满意我们的产品为止。至2010年,共4个系列后操式、前进5档后退两档、28-54磅有刷珀尔电动船用推进器进入市场并获得消费者的认可。 

    POER® |珀尔获得良好的口碑后,我们开始扩大国内销售份额,以建立品牌效应。我们理解它不仅仅是个电动船用推进器,更是一个品牌影响力。同时,随着欧洲市场对电动船用推进器需求量的增长,我们的出口份额随之上升,并获得客户的一致好评。

    “您的反馈是我们最好的收获”,我们愿意倾听您提出的任何宝贵建议,以此继续改进并研发更多的产品。至2014年底,珀尔最新款大推力、高效的160 ~ 300 磅无级变速、无刷电动船用推进器已受到国内外消费者的喜爱。此款为VPM 系列,以较小的电流获得更长的使用时间;采用最新的无刷电机技术,大大提高了电机的性能和可靠性;越来越多的城市需求低碳的生活方式,在养殖区或要求大推力的垂钓者间甚为流行。



Starting from year 2006, with its rich experience on manufacturing fields (since 1958), POER Electric Trolling Motor comes out. It's a motor brand of our factory besides other products. The first trolling motor is in simple design, our technical expert believes an excellent trolling motor should be improved or redesigned for many times before it in good condition. Then Till year 2010, totally 4 series classic transom mount electric trolling motors are launched to the market. Various thrusts from 28lbs to 54lbs, classic trolling motors with telescoping handle and 5 Forward /2 Reverse speed control. We get customer approval during this period. Then we expand our domestic market in China, to build its brand reputation .Because we understand we are no longer products, but also the brand power with customer service. Meanwhile, with the growing demand of trolling motors in Europe, we export to different countries and receive good praise from them.

"Your feedback is always our best rewards" We are willing to hear any news from our clients and consumers. Then, we continue to move forward. Until now (at the end of 2014),Our new digital power 160 lbs 300 lbs trolling motors are online and are popular in domestic and abroad .It’s called "Vari Power Max", which gives you the longer run time and with the smaller ampere that you can save much more battery to fish day after day. They’re designed in higher thrust and performance with digital power system, greatly improving in performance and reliability .They’re popular in aquaculture area and anglers who demand higher thrusts. Since many countries require low carbon lifestyle and no pollution in the water. The motor performance has been greatly improved compares to the previous basic styles.

Attitude is everything. We plan to bring more new products in the following years.

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