Making plastic injection mould process

Plastic injection mould Plastic processing and plastic molding machine in the industry, giving plastic products with full configuration and precise dimensions of the tool. Because of the plastic are many varieties and processing methods, structure and character of plastic molding machines and plastics are variable, and plastic mold types and structures are varied.


1 drawing: check the drawings without shrinking, is correct, there are no errors or omissions, whether the structure is reasonable, complete drawings are complete, good communication with customers to confirm.

2, material: from quality suppliers to order die sets, core , copper, pieces of metal and other materials.

3, parts processing: processing segment purchased materials milling: first milling machine nose correction, at least 0.02mm, correct clamping the workpiece before processing screw holes, Centre hole, wire holes, pin head open rough, tip or nozzle hole, split taper hole chamfers do water holes, milling r angle.

4, mold processing: 1 dozen number 2A/B plate processing, 3 panel processing, 4 ejector fixing plate processing, processing 5 chassis.

5, the core process: first the core Flash and coarse grinding, 3 milling machine, 4 bench working, 5CNC rough,

6 heat, 7 grinding, 8CNC machining, EDM 9, 10 provincial model. 6, electrode processing: put the mould core in EDM and CNC machines, adjusting the fixed core materials processed.

7, mold part machining: 1 slide processing, 2 compression processing, 3 split taper gate machine, 4 processing of the Insert.

8, inspection: check all the processed Board core hardware accessories such as eligibility and accuracy, suitability for Assembly.

9, the Assembly: processed mold core, templates, inserts and other parts together.

10, mode: will assemble the entire mold stability and stereotypes.

11, test mode: assemble the mold injection molding machine mold testing, computer, equipment, pressurized injection molding products, see product eligibility requirements of customers, until confirmed with the client so far.

12, production: confirm with the client the quality of plastic products, directly on the injection molding machine production.