POER® | Pearl electric marine propulsion

POER®  | Pearl electric marine propulsion

Ningbo Donghai plastic with limited (beginning in 1958) many years of production experience, we started in 2006 to develop POER® | Pearl electric marine propulsion . POER® | Pearl is a motor brand plastic products. Our first set of propeller design is not perfect, but technicians believed a good Pearl electric marine propulsion in front of the consumer, after numerous improvement or redesign, until the customers are satisfied with our product. By 2010, all 4 series, 5 back two stalls, electric marine propulsion 28-54 pound brushed Pearl access to markets and consumer recognition.

POER® | Pearl after getting a good reputation, we began expanding domestic sales in order to build brands. We understand that it's not just an electric marine propulsion, is a brand. Also, with the growth of the European market demand for electric marine propulsion, our share of world exports rose, and customers alike.

" Your feedback is our best harvest", we are willing to listen to any of your valuable suggestions to continue to improve and develop more products. Until the end of 2014, Pearl, the latest large thrust and efficient 160 ~ 300 pounds of CVT, brushless electric marine propulsion has been liked by consumers at home and abroad. This is the VPM series with less electricity a longer usage time using latest brushless motor technology, greatly improves the performance and reliability of motors; growing demand for urban low-carbon lifestyle, culture or ask the big thrust is popular among anglers.

" Attitude is everything": Pearl thrusters will continue to develop more new products to our customers.


Starting from year 2006, with its rich experience on manufacturing fields (since 1958), POER Electric Trolling Motor comes out. It's a motor brand of our factory besides other products. The first trolling motor is in simple design, our technical expert believes an excellent trolling motor should be improved or redesigned for many times before it in good condition. Then Till year 2010, totally 4 series classic transom mount electric trolling motors are launched to the market. Various thrusts from 28lbs to 54lbs, classic trolling motors with telescoping handle and 5 Forward /2 Reverse speed control. We get customer approval during this period. Then we expand our domestic market in China, to build its brand reputation . Because we understand we are no longer products, but also the brand power with customer service. Meanwhile, with the growing demand of trolling motors in Europe, we export to different countries and receive good praise from them.

"Your feedback is always our best rewards" We are willing to hear any news from our clients and consumers. Then, we continue to move forward. Until now (at the end of 2014),Our new digital power 160 lbs ~ 300 lbs trolling motors are online and are popular in domestic and abroad . It's called "Vari Power Max", which gives you the longer run time and with the smaller ampere that you can save much more battery to fish day after day. They're designed in higher thrust and performance with digital power system, greatly improving in performance and reliability . They're popular in aquaculture area and anglers who demand higher thrusts. Since many countries require low carbon lifestyle and no pollution in the water. The motor performance has been greatly improved compares to the previous basic styles.

Attitude is everything. We plan to bring more new products in the following years.

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