Scope of application of hydraulic power units plastic fuel tank

Ningbo Donghai plastic limited provide hydraulic power units plastic fuel tanks . Our hydraulic power units plastic fuel tanks and welded together using the injection molding process, strong and durable, and blow molding tank solve uneven threads loose quality than iron tank, plastic fuel tank, lighter, smaller, and not likely to corrode. Our products are exported to Europe and America, and there are long-term partners.

Scope of application:
Car lift hydraulic power units hydraulic power units and upgrading structure (such as pallet trucks, small lifts, small oil press machine, hydraulic forklift trucks, hydraulic Deng axle, hydraulic scissor lifts, disabled lifts, airport food and boarding cars, box-type truck tailgate-hydraulic power units, dump sealing device)

We mold/production according to the drawing to customer-specific hydraulic power units plastic fuel tanks, and welcome your inquiries.

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