1.3L plastic fuel tank → 1.3L PLASTIC 1.3L plastic tank HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR TANK
Product details

1.3L plastic fuel tank


Material: PP

Caliber (inner diameter): 98mm

Dimensions (l x w x h): 120×138×160 mm

Installation: vertical, horizontal

Attachments: 3/4NPT breathing apparatus (oil-free high instructions) +3/4NPT plug

We are opened according to the drawing mode, the production of customer-specific hydraulic power units plastic fuel tanks and all kinds of plastic products.

Besides the standard Plastic Hydraulic Reservoir Tanks ,we also custom made different oil tanks and plastic products for multiple purpose

Material: PP

   Caliber ( Internal Dia.): 98mm

   Size(LXWXH): 120×138×160 mm

Horizontal & Vertical

   With 3/4NPT BREATHER + 3/4 NPT PLUG