Plastic square tray Plastic square plate, also known as plastic side plates, is a type of plastic crates are short, mainly by the new HDPE material, widely used in food, machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, metal industry, resistant to acid, alkali, oil, nonpoisonous and tasteless and can be used to hold food, easy to clean, spare parts turnover convenient, tidy, and easy to manage. Products have passed SGS international certification, in line with the EU RoHS environmental protection, plastic pallet, GB/T15234-94 national standards of production, through the detection of the health standard for polyethylene products used as food containers and tablewares.
Product details

Plastic square tray

Material: PE


Plastic party disc also called plastic party disc, is plastic turnover box compared short of a type, main by new HDPE material manufacturing, widely for food, and mechanical, and car, and appliances, and light, and electronic, and hardware, industry, ability acid alkali, and resistance oil, nontoxic tasteless, can for Sheng put food,, clean convenient, parts turnover convenient, and stacked neatly, easy management. products through SGS international certification, meet EU RoHS environmental, plastic tray, by GB/T15234-94 national standards production, through Hygienic standard for polyethylene products used as food containers and tablewares detection.