Plastic pallet Corrosion resistant, dampness resistant, resistant to insects, nonpoisonous and tasteless, pressure-resistant and durable impact resistance, long service life, high weight, no nails without thorns, good overall performance. Plastic pallets suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products,, feed, clothing, shoes, electronics, electrical appliances, port, wharf, restaurants, bio-medicine, machinery and hardware, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, solid handling, warehousing, logistics and transport, warehouse storage racks, car accessories, beer, beverage, electrical and textile printing and dyeing, printing and packaging, logistics and other industries.
Product details

Plastic tray 3

Material: PE


Resistance corrosion, and resistance wet, and resistance insect borers, and nontoxic tasteless, and resistance pressure durable anti-impact, using life long, bearing volume high, no nail no Thorn, and overall performance good. plastic tray adapted Yu chemical, and petrochemical, and food, and aquatic products, and, and feed, and business clothing, and business shoes, and electronic, and electrical, and port, and Terminal, and catering, and biological medicine, and mechanical hardware, and car manufacturing, and oil chemical, and stereo warehouse, and logistics transport, and warehouse handling, and store shelf, car accessories, and beer beverage, and electronic electrical textile dyeing, and printing packaging, and Logistics Center, the industry.