Universal wheel Its main use is: forging, construction, engineering, mining, plastics, food, petroleum, chemicals, machine tools, ships, leather goods, and textiles, fans, pumps and other mechanical transmission. In foreign countries has been widely used, suitable for flexible drive shaft and allows larger axial radial and angular displacement, and has a simple structure, easy maintenance, easy accessibility, low noise, transmission loss of efficacy, long life and other advantages of small, highly welcome users.
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Nylon wheels/casters

It of main uses is: forging, and building, and mine, and plastic, and food, and engineering, and oil, and chemical, and machine, and ship, and leather, and textile, and wind machine, and pump, industry mechanical of drive. in abroad has widely to was used, applies Yu axis between and the of flexible sex drive, allows larger of axis to radial displacement and angle displacement, and has structure simple, and maintenance convenient, and disassembly easy, and noise low, and drive effect loss small, and using life long, advantages, and much user welcomes.