33rd # rotating box High-density polyethylene is used as the main raw material, packaging industry, new products, handling storage and good Assistant, steel pallets, compared with wooden pallets plastic pallets with a light, smooth, and beautiful. Overall is good, no nails without thorns, odorless, nontoxic, acid and alkali resistance, easy cleaning, disinfection, not mildewed, not combustion, no static, no sparks, explosion-proof, anti-slippery (MAT), the advantages of recycling.
Product details

33rd # rotating box (automatic)

ID: 300x175x48

Outside diameter: 355x195x52

Used to low voltage high-density polyethylene for main raw materials, is packaging industry of new products, handling warehouse of good Assistant, and steel tray, and wood tray compared plastic card Board has quality light, and flat, and beautiful. overall sex good, and no nail no Thorn, and tasteless nontoxic, and acid alkali, and easy cleaning, and can disinfection, and not mildew, and not combustion, and no electrostatic, and no sparks, and explosion-proof, and anti-slippery (with anti-sliding pad), and can recycling, advantages.