27th turnover box Selection of new high strength 100% production of modified PP, resistant to oil, acid, alkali, transportation noise, adapt wide temperature (to + 60 ℃-25 ℃). Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, medicine, home appliances, business, circulation, distribution and warehousing areas, product turnover and convenient, tidy and easy to manage. Reasonable design, proven quality, make it applicable to logistics in the transport, storage, distribution processing, such as closed-loop delivery system.
Product details

27th turnover box (automatic)

ID: 355x310x62

Outside diameter: 385x335x75

Selection 100% new high strength modified sex PP production, resistance oil, and acid, and alkali, conveying noise low, adapted environment temperature wide (-25 ℃ to + 60 ℃). main should for car manufacturing, and medicine, and appliances, and commercial circulation, and distribution and the warehouse field, makes products turnover convenient, and stacked neatly, and easy management. reasonable of design, mature of quality, makes its applies Yu Enterprise logistics in the of transport, and store, and circulation processing, closed ring loop distribution system.